Electric Shocking Game

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☑️ Simulate and have fun: it's an exciting drinking party game. Together with the flashing red light and fast background noise, players determine who will be the next victim in a tense atmosphere!

☑️ Mode Happiness mode: the red flashing lights are in a circle and the fingers get a shock where the red lights stop.
GameMultiplayer game: support 2-6 players, adjust the number of players. The product has only three function buttons which are easy to use, and the three bottom air suction cups can prevent the toy from sliding on a table.

☑️ Random mode: to compare luck, press the "Mode" button to select the number of players, and then press the "Start" button to start. The red light lights up quickly with the music. the game continues for a while, the red light lights up in front of the player, and the player is considered a mistake that is unpredictable!

Note: this product is made of eco-friendly ABS plastic, safe and non-toxic. Safe voltage which is harmless to human body does not affect human health. Suitable for children over 10 years old, teenagers and adults.


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