Hand Controlled UFO

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Playing with this toy can help improve:
šŸš€Ā Visual-spacial intelligence
šŸš€Ā Creativity and Imagination
šŸš€Ā Problem-solving skills
šŸš€Ā Scientific curiosity


hand controlled flight path

Throw To Start Invert To Stop

You just need toĀ gently throw the drone into the airĀ and you can see it flying right away.

The mini-drone usesĀ advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension, andĀ collision protection. The built-inĀ gyroscopes control accuracyĀ and sensitivity for balance.

Throw it for flight control

When you're done playing with theĀ drone,Ā simply catch it and flip it to stop it.Ā It's that easy.

Invert to stop flight

100% Safe For Ages 5 And Up

ThisĀ miniature droneĀ was built especially for children.Ā TheĀ outer cageĀ is built withĀ high-quality non-toxic PPĀ materialĀ making the innerĀ fans untouchable. The toy is completelyĀ safe for children age 5+.

safe for children

360Ā° Sensor-Guided Hover Drone

ThisĀ rechargeable droneĀ auto rotates to detect obstacles. TheĀ miniature droneĀ has four power motors that rotate quickly and provide power to fly 360Ā°.

There is always a high hover flight to a certain degree during the flight. All you need to do isĀ catchĀ it and flip it to stop it from flying.

Side induction

Infrared induction altitude control

Hand-Controlled - No Remote Control Or Apps Needed!

Launch the drone without any remote control!

The most amazing feature of the Air Time mini drone is thatĀ when your hand is close, it flies in the opposite direction. Interact and control the drone with your hand gestures in the air!

no remote control needed

Strong And Durable Body

This induction levitation drone is made ofĀ high-quality non-toxic PP materialļ»æ, including the propeller guards.Ā It isĀ very flexible, hasĀ strong impact resistance,Ā toĀ preventĀ damage when falling.

When a solid object is detected,Ā theĀ mini-droneĀ will move away intelligently.

flexible propeller guards, durable build
Strong and durable stunt drone

LED Lights ForĀ A Mystical Experience At Night!

The interactive aircraft hasĀ blue and green LED lights. The droneĀ glows bright and colorful while flying.Ā 

LED light in the drone

Recharge With USB

Simply connect it to the USB connector forĀ 30 minutes to fully charge.

USB charging

How To Play With YourĀ UFO MiniDrone

  1. Press and hold the black ON/OFF switch button at the bottom for two seconds until the top light starts flashing.
  2. Then press the switch to select speed - the green led lights show for normal and blue led lights appear for high.
  3. Throw it upward gently and release, the mini quadcopter will take off automatically.
  4. Control the flight path direction just by closing your hand in toward the aircraft.
  5. Control the height by approaching the bottom or the top of the aircraft with your hand. The altitude hold mechanism will maintain the position.
  6. Grab and flip it over to stop flying.
  7. The drone battery is low voltage when the red indicator light blinks. The UFO aircraft will land automatically.

Playing with the drone


  • Certification:Ā 3C
  • Charging Voltage:Ā 3.7V
  • Flight Time:Ā 6-8 Minutes
  • Controller Battery Life:Ā 250mAH
  • Package Includes:Ā USB Cable
  • Charging Time:Ā 30 minutes


Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Kenyon Rolfson

Cool toy, flies, glows, very light. The only negative-Long charges and only about 3-5 minutes flies. Delivery fast 2 weeks.

Maximo O'Conner

Very fun toy, work like a charm

Kip Greenfelder

Just what I ordered came in good condition funcuoning well I put 4 stars because I only arrived in a box of unicel

Lou Moen

Delivery fast Looks quality Comes with a computer, charging, 2 spare blades and a screwdriver. Flies funny, reacts to the approach. Noisy, the son was scared ....

Derrick Wolf

Crazy game. I got it in 15 days. The golden color is distinctive

Rated /5 based on customer reviews