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Kinetic Flips are satisfying desk toys that take away your stress and anxiety. Say goodbye to the days of endless boredom.  Kinetic Flips are calming, satisfying, and addictive. It is a fidget toy that improves your motor skills, coordination, and reflexes. Take a moment away from the daily rush and recharge your focus


Although it may seem like a simple motion of continuous flips and rolls. It's a captivating challenge. The secret of mastering the movement is a gentle push. Once you get the hang of it there are endless possibilities!
The Kinetic Flips Is perfect for your desktop while you work. Give your eyes a break for a minute and take your mind off the daily hassle. People will be amazed by how you use it. They will be begging you to try it for themselves. 
The Kinetic Flip comes in 2 different shapes and 3 different colors for a total of 6 different designs to match your preference and style. They are expertly engineered from ABS to flip, roll, and fall. You will be amazed at how it flips across surfaces. At first glance, it doesn't look like it should as it magically makes its way across your desktop.

Customer Reviews

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Moriah Marvin

быстро появляются мелкие царапины, потёртости. думаю по другому и не как. Металлический с достаточным весом. приятная качественная игрушка. заказал разные. с квадратной легче научиться обращаться, после пары попыток бегает по столу. многогранную пускать сложней, с таким же навыком делает 2-3 шага

Felicita Aufderhar

Very heavy. Heavier than the original. The edge is very wide, what the flippt harder.

Daniela Doyle

Great quality, heavy polished metal. It flips over 100% exactly as it should. 10 Days to the UK. Highly Recommended! AAA+++

Cary Macejkovic

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Zoila Bradtke

Fire, really steel chrome piece-flips so-so, but very pleasant in the hands

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