Waterproof Car Mirror Film - 2 Pieces

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We drive a lot and sometimes, we really can’t predict the weather so all sorts of troubles come our way… for example,  heavy rain,  extreme cold,  or other  similar occurrences.  One troubling thing is when your side mirrors fog up or get wet… this means you won’t be able to see what’s on the mirror… This makes you prone to accidents which we don’t want!

Luckily, there’s the  Waterproof Anti-Fog Side Mirror Film!

    • Fits most standard sized side mirrors for cars
    • Protects your side mirror  from getting wet or fogging up using a revolutionary microfilm  that  prevents moisture from forming  and it also  prevents drops of water from sticking  on to your mirror!
    • Makes your mirror  100% clear  whatever weather you drive. Best of all -- it’s  100% transparent  so you won’t even know it’s there!
    • Prevents road accidents.  Keep yourself and your family  safe on the road!
    • High strength and high permeability  -- the  best quality microfilm  in the industry



 Make your trips safer today! Use the  Waterproof Anti-Fog Side Mirror Film  and enjoy a clear ride all throughout!

Package Included:

  • 2 Pcs Side Mirror Films
  • Cleaning wipes

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Excellent arrived very fast. Seller recommended

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Excellent arrived very fast. Seller recommended.

Yoshiko Stark

Waterproof Car Mirror Film - 2 Pieces

Orrin Collins

Waterproof Car Mirror Film - 2 Pieces

Maymie Kessler


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